The Winch Challenge 2014


Offroad Junkie in association with DOT bring you the inaugural Winch Challenge 2014 to be held in Goa from 20-22nd June, 2014.

We're not going to make any claims about it being a stupendo-fantabulous, killer, tough, toughest, tougherestest, epic, mindboggling, rib-shaking, nut-cracking, liver squeezing challenge!

We're just going to do the following:

- Mix 3 parts of a crazy team of dedicated Offroad Junkies with a

- two parts of a professional team from DOT offroad track in Goa,

- add a generous helping of the full onslaught of the western monsoons in full fury in a

- treacherous and mountainous private property with

- the worst mud and laterite soil you've ever seen and with only

- one aim: to make your life difficult.

Freeze the dates: 20-22 June 2014.

Details up very soon. Watch this space.

PS: Get your winch, roll cage, harness, ready.

PPS: Get in good physical shape.

PPPS: Find a navigator with a death wish

PPPPS: Okay, you get the point

We're positively thrilled by the number of queries that we've got for our inaugural Winch Challenge event.

You've asked us for more details but please be patient. We promise no more procrastination and will be out with the handbook soon. We're just fine tuning it at the moment.

We are limiting entries to 20 vehicles at the moment.

With the response that we've got, we will be allocating entries region-wise so as to get a pan India participation.

Kindly visit thepre-registration section on this website and fill in the form giving us vehicle details and where you are based. Be sure to mention if your vehicle has roll-over protection, seat belts, type of tyres, etc. Ofcourse a working winch in a must!

NOTE: Pre-registration doesn't guarantee participation.